Solar Panel Repairs and Maintenance Brisbane & Gold Coast

Although the solar panels atop your roof are designed to withstand the harshest of elements, there’s still a small change of damage or wear and tear. It’s important to have a team on call who is able to professionally clean and maintain them, which will ensure they last for decades to come. Your panels themselves may become dusty and ineffective, or you might even be dealing with an animal infestation damaging your inverter

Solar Repair Service In Brisbane

Solar Panel Repairs

The most common issues that our customers see before giving us a call for solar panel repairs and maintenance here in Brisbane include:

With these issues in mind, we highly suggest giving the team a call, even if just for an assessment. We’ll be able to let you know our opinion on the best way to deal with these issues and what to expect once the panels have been repaired. You may also notice melted cabling or even burn marks around your solar panel’s cabling an inverter, which is a telltale sign you’ll need an urgent repair.

Is Maintaining Necessary?

For solar panel owners in Brisbane , it’s far too easy to overlook your panels once they’ve been installed, however, if you want to get the most out of them, you’ll need to have them maintained. There may be damaged glass atop the PV panels, inverters may be working incorrectly or the panels themselves may be failing, which you’d never know about without a repair team. A few of the perks of having a team on call to look after your panels includes:

It’s also important to keep in mind that forgoing a solar panel cleaning in Brisbane could leave you with a thin layer of silt that builds up atop the glass. In time, this will become thicker and thicker and leave you with hundreds of dollars worth of lost savings!

We suggest utilising a local solar panel maintenance team to clean your panels at least once every

twelve months.

What Happens During a Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance Service

The process of a solar panel service is relatively straightforward though somewhat essential to keeping them operating effectively. If your panels need cleaning, we will include it in the maintenance service. In a solar panel cleaning, we undertake the following tasks:

A safety inspection

We ensure the system is installed correctly, free of defects, and not putting anyone at risk of injury.

Error checking and inverter analysis

which will allow your repair and maintenance team to delve into whether there are any efficiency or operational issues with the panels and their supporting electronics.

A general clean and tidy up

if there are no major issues with your panels, the team will move forward with a clean and tidy of the panels. We will strip all dust and grime from the panels, along with any leaves and other debris.


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